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freelance dessert maker & recipe developer

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My philosophy:

A gift is something that should be personal, thought-provoking, precious, and remembered. 


Every dessert I make is a gift.


I invest time and thought in arranging gustatory, textural, and visual profiles that are specifically suited to one's palate.  


I only use ingredients that I am certain will allow me to abide by my philosophy.

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I only custom-make desserts (i.e. I develop recipes specifically based on your tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions) and I only use high quality ingredients. Typical cost for large events (100+) ranges from $6-$8 per person.* This cost includes the following:

Design: I meet with you at least 2 months prior to your event to discuss your vision for your desserts. Together we generate lists of flavors/textures/foods you like and do not like, in addition to noting any dietary restrictions. I follow up within a few weeks with a list of dessert options, and you select your top choices from this list. For events where a cake would be appropriate in addition to an assortment of desserts (e.g. wedding, birthday), we would also discuss the flavor and style of cake at this time (the cost of the cake is included in the total cost detailed above).


Tasting: Prior to your event, I prepare several of your top choices (please see "Design session" above) - the number I prepare will be a few more than the number of types of desserts you would like at your event. You taste what I have prepared and you select the desserts that you would like for your event, in addition to suggesting any changes that you would like to see implemented.

Event dessert and display preparation: I prepare and display the desserts at your event.

*Expenses may include those required for kitchen space, travel, and transportation as necessary.

Please contact me if you have specific questions; I am happy to discuss your case with you!

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